Motoman Inc. Thank you for coming out Saturday
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Shaking hands after a good shoot out.It doesn't get any better than that.

Gettin ready to do it again!!

Walking down the trail of doom!!!!!!!!

Look very very hard!!!!!

Were are they???

We will hunt them down and then the fun will start.

Well lets do it again

Well I think i'll just sit here and think about first.

Gettin ready to take the fort over

Were did they go!!

I Think they are coming and I'll stay here and shoot like crazy

There was heavy fire up on the hill

Im gone

I can't see any of them yet!!!!!!!!

Take close aim and shoot like crazy!!!!!!

We are holding them off for rite now!!!!!

You can't shoot me!!!!

Stay low and aim well

We are movin in on them!!!!!!!!!

On the move and out to shoot you all!!!!

O'll dead eye out to get you!!!

I see you and Im going to shoot you!!!

Never Forget September 11th

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