Fun at R.U.S.H. 10-3-07
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Hard not to see at R.U.S.H.

Just some good ol boy's, always fun when this gang shows up!!

Twelve hour later and look what you have.

Hard telling what you will see at R.U.S.H.

Large groups showing up to play at R.U.S.H..We all had fun!!

Getting clean-up after battle and ready to do it again!!

The fire pit helps take the chill off , but most of all it makes one heck of a good hot dog!!

New outfit for the country boys.Carharts gitter done!!

By wearing Carharts under those fancy paintball pants,you stay warmer,you get more bounce,and the big plus,your Carharts stay clean.

Here we have Craig styling & profiling with the new `Country Boy' look!!!

Never Forget September 11th

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