Cassano's day out!!(Thanks to Everyone on 10/27/07
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Cassano clan getting ready to kick some ---

Talking it over before doing it again!!

Big guy giving final instructions!

Down in the trenches of Nam!!

Boy if this don't suck!!

Good shootin spot!!

Wood Eye or Yellow Eye!!

I just hide right here and shoot em!!

I can see you But!! you can't see me!!

I got a good shot at em!!

I'll shoot your --- !!

Im gone!!

Put your head up on more time and you are mine!!

Where in the heck are they????

Waiting of more shot up comrades!!

Getting ready to do it again!!

Walking the Trails of Nam!!

Getting the game plain down!!

Ready to do it!!

Run for your life!!!!!!!!!

Crawl on your belly like a snake!!

Come on just a little closer!!

Keeping low and cooll!!

Oh!!!YEA BABY I'm on you!!!!!!!

I think we can take em out!!

Sneeken and seeken!!

Were is everybody??????????

Got ya!! in my sights!!


Creaping up for the shot!!

You can't see me!!

Talking over the big game!!

Getting ready for an other game!!

What a motley crew!!

Goldie posting on someone!!

This hill attack is bad to the bone!!

Gettin ready to shoot em up!

You can't see me!!!!

Movin right along!!

All heck breaking loose!!

Plenty of bunkers to hide behind!!

Come on out so I can shoot ya!!


Come on out if you dare!!!!!!!

Hello!! take one from me!!

We will shoot till the end!!

Hi!!!!!!!!! I think I'm gone!!

Attack the hill is full of blown up buildings to hide in!!

Peak - a - BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

In the tower of NAM!!!!!!!

I'LL just sneak up here for the shot!!

Only if they don't see me!!!!!!!

Taken on some heavy fire!!

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