Nam Tourny ,Thank you all !! (Sept.29th.)
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You are as old as you feel!!!

Nam tourny had very good turn out , and good competition!!

The sneak attack , how low can you go !!

The score keeper done one heck of a good job!!

Lookin for a target!!

Timmy right on!!

Timmy ready to catch the flag!!

Old farts out hitting it hard!!

Getting ready to do it again!!

Old farts getting ready to do it!!

Craig on the move !!

He is on the target!!

Wastin Paint ready to do it !!

Spraying paint!!

Taken em down one by one!!

In the trenchs of NAM!!!

Took one for the team!!

Clay bringing up the rear!!

Old fart taking good aim!!

One old fart with the _ _ _ _ shot out of him!!

A good flag pull !!

Beards Brigade ready to do it again!!

Old farts mad it to the finals( yea baby!!!!)

1st. Place went to `Split Second' Showed no mercy on the `Old Farts'

2nd. Place winners`Wastin Paint' (They didn't show no mercy on the `Old Farts' either!!

3rd. Place winners`Beards Brigade' showed no mercy on the `Old Farts' either!! winners `Just Old Farts' we couldn't take any other place . We didn't want the teams think it was rigged!! Craig & John had a great time and Bill put up with them!!

Never Forget September 11th

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