Liapis Landscape & Henderson Turf (Thank You!)
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Come out with your hands up or!!!!!!!

Oh!! what a shot!!

They got me!!

Where they at???????

Back Nam Base talking about the war we just had.

Ready , Set , Go!!

Fast game of X Ball

I'll just lay here and shoot!!

Ref keeping close Eye on the shoot out!!

I'll sneak around and do a little shootin!!

Come my way and I'll shoot away!!

Walk this way!!

I'll wait for the good shot!!

Just a little bit closer and I'll shoot ya down!!

Darn they got me!!

I got ya!! check em out ref!!

I think I'll just crawl though the X

This is a real good shoot out!!

Down in the trenches of Nam!!

Where are they ??? I can see anyone!!

I think I'll just wait on them and blow em away!!

Never Forget September 11th

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