WPAFB Wire Dawgs (7-27-07)Said they can you anyday
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Getting ready to take on the fort

Getting game plain down

I got a good shot at em

Under heavy fire!!

I'm safe in here?????????

Can't you tell me where they are???

Talking things over with the ref

Under heavy fire but movin on!!!

Good cover & good shooting

Ready for them to come and get lit up!!

Took one to the head!!

Under fire

They can't pick me out but I can pick em off right & left!!

Good cover, ``O" GOOD GOD

Getting lined up for Nam!!

The trenches of Nam are geart and the cover is awesome!!!!!!!!

Come on out!!

Taken on fire,I could use some help!!

I need to say quick prayer!!

Movin on in trenches of Nam!!

Come on you big chicken!! us Wire Dawgs will take you on!!

On the move and shooting em down one by one!!

Just a little closer and your going down!!

Got ya in my sights!!!!!

I'm gone!!

Give me one more shot and I'll take you down!!

You lay the fire and I'll move out!!!!!!!

We are movin in on them!! Lay fire down!!

Just a lil bit closer and your going down!!!

Team work pays off !!!

I just know someone is out there ready to try to take us down!!(The Wire Gawgs are ready for you!!)

Never Forget September 11th

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