Lexis Nexis & University of Dayton(March 3,07)
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Come out so I can get a shot at you!

I thought I got hit,I'm clean

I'll make a run for it.

Lets get a plan and go get em!!

We both give em a run for their money but we got shot

R.U.S.H. Paintball has a get firepit to get warm off of and most of all good bratts,metts,& hotdogs(Free)

Were did everyone go??

Let's get ready to do it again!

Just look what I have cooked up

Let's get it on!!

I think I'll have a bratt , that ought to make that shot to the back better

I'll call in for more troops!!

Who you putting the finger on?????????

We'll have to wait for the rest of the troops

I'll shot ya!!

I got you in my sights

I'll just sneak up here and get ya!!!

I'll get ya!!

They got me!!!!!!

They got me good

I'll get ya!!

I'll just peak around the corner here!!!

Looks like the troops are getting ready for more!!!!

Smell the smoke of that firepit , no smell the smoke of the hotdogs!!!!!!!!!

Let's have a hotdog and get warm!!!

Let's go to the hut and get something to drink

I hope he don't see me!!!!!

We are about to take the fort out!!!!

Don't leave me behind!!

Im gone!!

Were did everyone go???????

Let's get ready to do it again!!

`O' smell that smell!!

Never Forget September 11th

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