Winter of 2009 - 1st. wek of December
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Everyone loves R.U.S.H. Paintball. We have the firepit burning to keep you warm and also to cook the free hotdogs,bratts, and metts.

We always have a good time at R.U.S.H.

Birthday parties every week end at R.U.S.H.

Ol dad getting ready to shot and kid----- yeh right!!

Looks like Dads won this one!!!!!

The boy's are ready for Dad Now!!!

Were did you go Dad, come on show yourself

I'll just sneck around here!!

Come on out

Just got done with a game

Choosing up teams and getting ready to do it again

Looks like a bad group to go up against!!

Paw has you in his sights!!!

Under the old gook tower

Dad is belly crawling to get a better shot on son!!!

Were did everyone go???

Come on out dad and I'll shoot ya!!

Never Forget September 11th

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